New Homes for Scotland's Wee Five

In 2015 we encourage all Action Earth Projects to boost Scotland's Wildlife by including habitat construction in their projects.

Our Wee Five are: 

Click the above for habitat construction ideas. 

Other Wee Beasties

It is fairly easy and can be done in an afternoon with things found in your garden or around your house. To help out even furrier friends, find out how to make your gardens more bumblebee-friendly.

If you are looking for ideas to turn your garden into a butterfly and moth haven Butterfly Conservation Trust can help.

Get More Wildlife Wild Ideas

Garden for Life.

Scottish Natural Heritage have produced this colourful Garden for Life leaflet and have a range of other useful documents to make your garden more attractive to wildlife. Maybe your garden has limited space or is in a built up area? You can still Garden for Life in pots and containers!

More helpful hints and tips can be found at Scottish Wildlife Trust who also have advice on building small ponds.

Doing a bigger project?

Plantlife have advice on how to create your own wildflower meadow.

The Woodland Trust can provide help and advice if you are thinking about planting trees - whatever the number.

Looking Wider

The Scottish Natural Heritage website is a unique source of information on Scotland's Biodiversity and a great starting place for further assistance.

Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnerships are useful contact organisations in your area that deliver conservation, communication and education work around local habitat and species needs.

Ranger Services in Scotland exist in most areas to assist people in enjoying the natural outdoors, and can mostly be contacted through your own Local Authority website

More useful information and contacts for enjoying the outdoors can be found at Outdoor Access Scotland.

Paths for All encourages people to get out-and-about, walk for health and to improve Scotland's pathways.  Funding and advice is available.

Support for Groups

If you are a community managed garden or farm then advice, support is available through the FCFCG who have close links to Trellis Scotland, a charity that helps develop the use of therapeutic gardening and horticulture for health, well-being and life opportunities. Greenspace Scotland assist groups to plan, develop and manage green areas in towns and cities, helping turn urban places into people spaces.

We here at Volunteering Matters offer information about volunteering; our website demonstrates the range of work we do across the UK.

More advice about working with volunteers in Scotland is available from SCVO and Volunteer Development Scotland can help you develop your groups and organisation.

Information about further volunteering opportunities in your local area can be found through Volunteer Scotland who have a network of offices.


Greenspace Scotland have launched their "Our Growing Community" resource and ideas pack which will give you lots of new ideas.