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See below what projects got up to in 2013 and 2014. Don't forget to send us your photos this year.

Action Earth 2013

Action Earth 2014

The Application Process

Got a project idea?

What would improve outdoor green spaces in your local community? Get together with other volunteers and come up with a plan! Choose a suitable site that needs clearing or planting, wildlife habitats created or general maintenance and upkeep. Think about ways to attract new volunteers. They may become permanent additions if they have a good time.

The Application

Check you are eligible then send us your email address. We will reply with a link to the Application Form. To complete it you will need contact details for two people, information about the site location, permission to work there and an idea of what you would spend your grant on. You will be notified within 3 weeks. If you are working to a tight deadline, please contact us directly. 

Please note that you pay upfront then claim your grant back from us.

Managing your project.

Successful applicants will be sent:

  • An email with their unique reference number.
  • Information about your next steps and how to plan ahead.
  • A Media Guide including a draft press release.
  • Action Earth certificates and posters for use in photographs / press events.

You must let us know immediately if your project has been changed, delayed or cancelled as we can reallocate unused funds to other projects.  We may contact you from time to time as your project progresses.

Schools International Biodiversity Day

Planting wildflower plugs in Dawson Park, Glasgow

Claiming Your Grant.

A week before your end date, you will be emailed a claim and feedback form. Return within four weeks of your project’s end date with receipts, photos and any press cuttings. We cannot pay you until we receive this. We can then pay directly into your group’s bank account or with a heque.

Ready to proceed?

Now that you are familiar with the Application Process please proceed to the Grants page.