Action Earth Grant - Terms & Conditions

In applying for a Action Earth Grant, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions below. We may require you to comply with additional conditions imposed as a result of your application. You are required to confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions when applying.

  1. The principal contact will be responsible for all correspondence with Action Earth and should take financial responsibility for the project. If this is not the case you must let us know.
  2. The project site must be open and accessible to the general public. Exceptions may be made where a community site has limited access such as a Care Home or Hospital. School projects should generally be off the school site if possible.
  3. Where a project involves school or college students, they need to be seen to be volunteering in their own time, which essentially excludes any time spent on the project in school or college hours.
  4. You must inform us if there is a delay in either starting or completing the project, informing us promptly of your revised dates. Failure to inform us of changes may result in us being unable to process your claim for payment, and in extreme cases, may result in the withdrawal of funding.
  5. Should you decide not to proceed with the project at any stage after the award of a Action Earth Grant it is imperative that you inform us immediately to allow us to reallocate funds to another project.
  6. Feedback must be submitted within four weeks of completion of your project and receipts to support your claim must be received by us within six weeks of project completion. Failure to inform us of any changes may result in us being unable to process your claim for payment and possible withdrawal of funding.
  7. If your application is successful, details of your project will be posted on our website. If you are looking for additional volunteers you must supply us with a named person and accurate contact details for potential new volunteers.
  8. Any images sent to us may be used for reporting and publicity purposes, including publication on our website. It is your responsibility to inform volunteers and seek their permission if any images including them are to be submitted to us.